Mama Zig Zag’s Mojo Medicine Show has traveled far and wide ’round this beautiful world and far beyond the stars.  Mama old now and needs her rest, preferably under a great big old shade tree. And that’s why we come here.  She claims she’s leaning 120, but don’t none of us quite believe that.  But Mama Zig Zag has been breathin’ longer than anybody we know, and truth be told, she lookin’ damn good for her age! Mama Zig Zag can be cranky and fussy sometimes, about as hardheaded as a cast iron pot, but she funny, too, will keep you laughing ‘cuz she loves to laugh.  She says it’s the laughter and the learning–or did she say yearning?–that keeps her young.  Whatever it is, we love her, and we think you will, too.  In this way we are all Mama Zig Zag’s children.



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